Featured Job TitleJob IDCityIndustryHrs/WeekWageWork Days
HOT Human Resources Office Clerk 19929San JoseMedical/Healthcare20$16.30Monday - Friday
HOT Office Administrative Assistant 19917Santa ClaraAdminstrative Services40$18.00Days
Administrative Assistant (MH Area) 19983Morgan HillAdminstrative Services20$16.30 - $16.30Days
Administrative Assistant - Palo Alto 19869Santa Clara CountyAdminstrative Services40$18.00 + DOEDays
Administrative Assistant II 19914San JoseAdminstrative Services40$20.00 + DOEDays
Application Support Specialist 20009CupertinoSecurity Guard40$29.00 + DOEDays
Assembler (San Jose) 19783Santa Clara CountyWarehouse40$17.00 - $17.50 DOEDAY/EVENING
Autonomous Vehicle Operations Supervisor (Night Shift) 19878San JoseManagement40$31.25 + DOESwing, Nights
Building Engineer 19948Menlo ParkEngineering40$30.00 - $32Days/Swing/Nite
CA Pharmacist – COVID Vaccine Support 19903CampbellMedical/Healthcare40$21.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Caregiver 19871Mountain ViewMedical/Healthcare25 - 40$16.00 - $18.00Varies
Caregiver 1 19953San JoseMedical/Healthcare30 - 40$16.00 + DOEMonday - Friday
Case Manager, Motel Voucher Program 19949San JoseCommunity Service Worker40$23.00 - $28Days/Swing/Nite
Cashier 19945San JoseCustomer Service/Retail15 - 25$15.00Days
Cashier 19985San JoseCustomer Service/Retail20 - 40$16.00Monday - Sunday
Cashiers Associate 19889GilroyCustomer Service/Retail20 - 30$14.00 + DOEDays Weekends
Clerk Assistant 20006SAN JOSEClerical40$18.15 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
CNC Mill Machinists 19861FremontWarehouse40$24.00 + DOEDays
Community Development Admistrative Assist 19921Santa ClaraCommunity Service Worker20$16.30 - $16.30Days
Contracted Dog Bather 20005Morgan HillService Worker/Animal Care20 - 40$14.50 + DOEDays
Corporate Receptionist 20014San JoseClerical40$16.00 + DOEMonday - Friday
Courier/Driver/DOT 19960San JoseDriver/Transport40$21.35Tuesday thru Saturday
Customer Service Associate 19986San JoseCustomer Service/Retail20 - 40$16.30Monday - Friday - possible weekends
Customer Service Specialist 19962San JoseCustomer Service/Retail20 - 30$15.45Monday - Sunday
Customer Services Representative 19913SunnyvaleCustomer Service/Retail40$19.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Data Entry - Biotech 19979San Jose & FremontClerical40$15.24 + DOETuesday - Saturday
Delivery Driver (Plan A, 2.0 HUB) 19299San JoseDriver/Transport20 - 30$16.50Day/Swing
Direct Support Staff 20002CapitolaMedical/Healthcare30 - 40$17.00 + DOEDays
Dishwasher 19935Mountain ViewFood Service20 - 40$16.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Dishwasher 19936Palo AltoFood Service20 - 40$16.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Dishwasher 19937SunnyvaleFood Service20 - 40$16.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Dispatcher Customer Service Intern (Plan A, 2.0 HUB) 19296San JoseDriver/Transport28 - 30$16.50Days
Dockworker (Part Time Evening Shift) 19942San JoseWarehouse40$18.00 + DOESwing & Evening
Donor Greeter 19982San JoseCustomer Service/Retail35 - 40$15.45Varies, Monday to Sunday
Driver 19872Santa ClaraDriver/Transport40$15.65Monday - Friday
Engineering Aide (Temporary or Part-time) 19993OaklandEngineering40$28.75 - $34.94Days
Engineering Designer I (Pipeline Infrastructure) 19956OaklandLaborer/Maintenance40$46.31 - $54.31Days
Field Service Technician 19875San JoseWarehouse40$18.00 + DOEDays
Forklift Operator - San Jose 19911San JoseWarehouse40$20.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Frozen Clerk 19890San JoséFood Service20 - 40$16.40 - $21.73Days/Swing/Nite
General Laborer 19995GilroyLaborer/Maintenance40$17.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
General Maintenance Mechanic 19999GilroyMechanic40$19.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
General Manager I 19923SunnyvaleManagement40$30.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
General Office/clerical Intern (Plan A HUB 2.0) 19298San JoseService Worker/Animal Care20$16.50 - $16.50Tuesday, Wednesday- friday
Grinder 19862FremontWarehouse40$19.00 + DOEDays
Group Coordinator Lead 19915San JoseManagement40$24.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Handler/Warehouse 19961San JoseWarehouse20 - 30$16.22Monday thru Friday
Health Coordinator - Fremont 19868FremontMedical/Healthcare40$18.00 + DOEDays, Weekends
HR Coordinator 19927FremontHuman Resources40$21.00 + DOEDays
HR Generalist 20011San JoseHuman Resources40$29.00 + DOEDays
Human Resources Assistant 19984San JoseAdminstrative Services40$18.00 + DOEDays
Human Resources Generalist 19950FremontHuman Resources40$30.00 + DOEDays
Industrial Engineer 19877Morgan HillEngineering40$50.00 + DOEDays
Installer I 19873San JoseWarehouse40$17.00 + DOEDay Shift
Installer II 19874San JoseWarehouse40$18.00Days
Janitor 19886SaratogaHousekeeper/Janitor40$18.00 + DOEDays
Janitors 19865San JoseLaborer/Maintenance20 - 40$16.50 + DOEDays
Laborer - Union City 19916FremontLaborer/Maintenance40$18.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Leasing Consultant 19864San JoseCustomer Service/Retail20 - 35$18.00 + DOEDays
Mail Handler Assistant 20004SAN JOSEClerical40$16.55 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Maintenance and Indirect Inventory Clerk 19968San JoseWarehouse40$18.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Maintenance Technician 19866San JoseLaborer/Maintenance40$18.00 + DOEDays
Maintenance Technician 19989ConcordLaborer/Maintenance40$23.00 + DOEMonday-Friday
Maintenance Technician 19996GilroyLaborer/Maintenance40$34.70 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Maintenance Technician II 19888San JoseLaborer/Maintenance40$22.60 + DOEDays
Manufacturing Operator III 19967San JoseFood Service40$20.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Manufacturing Worker 19966San JoseFood Service40$17.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Marketing Communications Coordinator 20016San JoseAdminstrative Services40$18.00 + DOEDays
Material Handler 19856San JoseWarehouse40$18.00 + DOEDays, Swing, Nights
Material Handler 19857FremontWarehouse40$18.00 + DOEDays, Swing, Nights
Material Handler 19909San JoseWarehouse40$18.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Material Handler 19918FremontWarehouse40$19.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Material Handler - Santa Clara 19910San JoseWarehouse40$18.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Material Storage Supervisor 19954OaklandWarehouse40$60.31 - $73.31Days
Mechanical Assembler 19858San JoseAssembler40$19.00 + DOEDays, Swing, Nights
Medical Assistant 19952FremontMedical/Healthcare30 - 40$18.00 + DOEDays
Medical Device Assembler 19976San Jose & FremontAssembler40$15.25 + DOEMonday - Friday
Medical Front Office 19789San JoseMedical/Healthcare30 - 40$15.25Day
Medical Scheduler 19943Mountain ViewMedical/Healthcare40$19.00 + DOEDays
MFG Operator IV 19971San JoseWarehouse40$21.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Multi-Purpose Clerk 19881ModestoFood Service25 - 35$15.70Days, Swing, Nights
Office and Family Support Aide (P/T) 19880San JoseAdminstrative Services25 - 35$21.20 + DOEDays
Office Support 19882San JoseClerical20$16.30 - $16.30Days
Office Support 20000San JoseClerical20$16.30 - $16.30Days
Outside Sales Representative (San Jose) 19902HaywardSales/Marketing40$18.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Packaging Tech 19782Morgan HillWarehouse40$14.00Monday - Sunday
Patient Service Representatives 19951Mountain ViewMedical/Healthcare40$20.00 + DOEDays
Paving Raker A 19955OaklandLaborer/Maintenance40$44.31 - $54.31Days
Personal Shopper 19892San JoseCustomer Service/Retail20 - 40$16.70 + DOEDays Weekends
Pharmacy Clerk 19893CampbellMedical/Healthcare20 - 40$16.40 - $21.73 DOEDays, Weekends
Pharmacy Technician 19891San JoseMedical/Healthcare20 - 40$16.70 - $21.73 DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Porter/Groundskeeper 19991ConcordLaborer/Maintenance40$19.00 + DOEMonday-Friday
Prep Cook 19931Mountain ViewFood Service30 - 40$16.30 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Prep Cook 19932SunnyvaleFood Service30 - 40$16.30 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Prep Cook 19933Palo AltoFood Service30 - 40$17.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Prep Cook 19934San MateoFood Service30 - 40$16.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Production Associate 19925FremontLaborer/Maintenance40$21.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Production Test Technician (Cobham) 19755San JoseWarehouse40$15.25 - $17 DOEEvening
Production Worker 19994GilroyLaborer/Maintenance40$16.50 - $20.49Day/Swing/Nite
Program Manager (Manufacture SJ) 19753San JoseManagement40$35.00 - $40 DOEDay
Property Manager 19988ConcordManagement40$23.00 + DOEMonday - Friday
Receptionist (Fremont) 20015FremontAdminstrative Services30 - 40$18.58 + DOEDays
Recruiting Coordinator 20013San JoseHuman Resources40$17.00 + DOEMonday - Friday
Resident Manager II 19884San JoseManagement40$24.85 + DOEDays
Resident Manager II with Housing 19887Morgan HillManagement40$24.85 + DOEDays
Residential Services Coordinator 19947San JoseManagement30 - 40$19.00 - $21Days/Swing/Nite
Resource Coordinator 19885San JoseCommunity Service Worker40$23.73 + DOEDays
Restaurant Supervisor (Shift Leader) 19938Mountain ViewFood Service40$21.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Restaurant Supervisor (Shift Leader) 19939San MateoFood Service40$21.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Restaurant Supervisor (Shift Leader) 19940SunnyvaleFood Service40$21.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Restaurant Supervisor (Shift Leader) 19941Palo AltoFood Service40$21.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Retail Associate 19972GilroyCustomer Service/Retail20 - 30$14.00Varies, Monday-Sunday
Rural Carrier Associate 20007San JoseAdminstrative Services40$18.56 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Sales Associate 19946San JoseCustomer Service/Retail24 - 40$18.00Varies, Mon-Sun
Screener 19788FremontMedical/Healthcare40$20.00Day
Security Specialist 20010CupertinoSecurity Guard20 - 35$19.00 + DOEDays, Swing, Nights
Security Specialist 20012San JoseSecurity Guard20 - 35$19.00 + DOEDays, Swing, Nights
Senior Caregiver 19883San JoseCaregiver20 - 40$16.40 + DOEDays, Weekend
Senior Project Manager (Water Treatment Plants) San Jose 19900HaywardEnvironment40$25.00 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Senior Software Engineer (Oracle Database Administrator) 19908OaklandInformation Technology (IT)40$44.82 - $51.88 DOEDays
Service Desk Technician 19944FremontClerical40$28.00 + DOEDays
Shortage Protection Specialist 19973GilroyCustomer Service/Retail20 - 40$14.50Varies, Monday-Sunday
SMT Set-Up Operator 19860San JoseAssembler40$18.00 + DOEDays
Solar Roofer 19926FremontLaborer/Maintenance40$25.21 + DOEDays/Swing/Nite
Store Assistant II (Morgan Hill) 19784Morgan HillCustomer Service/Retail40$23.00DAY, EVENING
Store Manager 19974San JoseFood Service40$22.00Varies, Monday-Sunday
Tasker 19912SunnyvaleWarehouse40$21.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Test Technician 19859San JoseAssembler40$19.00 + DOEDays, Swing, Nights
Test Technician 19876Morgan HillLight Industrial40$16.00 + DOEDays, Swing, Nights
Training Specialist II 19965San JoseAdminstrative Services40$18.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Training Specialist III 19964San JoseAdminstrative Services40$20.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Transit Service driver (Morgan Hill Area) 19867Morgan HillDriver/Transport25$18.00 - $18Days
Transit Service driver (Morgan Hill Area) 19919Morgan HillDriver/Transport20$16.30 - $16.30Days
Transit Service driver (Morgan Hill Area) 19920Morgan HillDriver/Transport20$16.30 - $16.30Days
Vehicle Service Attendant 19750San JoseLaborer/Maintenance40$17.00Varies
Virtual Media Intern (Cohort 3 Plan A - Rita/Daniel) 19870San JoseMedia30$16.50Day
Virtual Media Intern (Cohort 4 Plan B - Sinclair/Daniel) 19879San JoseMedia30$16.50Day
Volunteer Nutrition Coordinator 19897Santa ClaraManagement20$16.30 - $16.30Day
Volunteer Nutrition Coordinator 19898Santa ClaraManagement20$16.30 - $16.30Day
Volunteer Nutrition Coordinator 19958Santa ClaraManagement20$16.30 - $16.30Day
Volunteer Nutrition Coordinator 19959Santa ClaraManagement20$16.30 - $16.30Day
Warehouse Associate 20001Santa ClaraFood Service35 - 40$15.00 - $18.00mon - friday
Warehouse Team Member 20008San JoseWarehouse20 - 30$16.00 + DOEMonday - Sunday
Warehouse Worker I 19970San JoseWarehouse40$17.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Warehouse Worker II 19969San JoseWarehouse40$18.00 + DOEDay/Swing/Nite
Water, Mold, Fire Damage Restoration Technician 19978San Jose & FremontLaborer/Maintenance40$14.00 + DOEMonday - Friday
Watering Intern (Plan A HUB 2.0 - EC Elena) 19297San JoseService Worker/Animal Care20$16.50 - $16.50Tuesday, Wednesday- friday
Welder 19863FremontLaborer/Maintenance40$20.00 + DOEDays
Yard Foreman 19981San Jose & FremontAccounting40$15.00 + DOEMonday-Friday
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